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    5 habits of successful creatives

    Through the power of social media, it has now become far easier than ever before for us to effectively ‘see’ into people’s lives. In just a few seconds and with even fewer clicks of a device, we can see what successful creatives do on a daily basis, their last holiday and maybe even peek into their homes. However what’s not always quite so clear is how they managed to get there in the first place, and maintain their lives this way.

    Recently, I have found myself reading tonnes of articles, blog posts and books on the mindset of creative successful people. Each and every one as inspiring and motivational as the last, I wanted to share a few of the habits and ideas that seem to have cropped up consistently and that I have applied to my own life and the way I work.


    Read, read and then read some more

    Did you know that Bill Gates reads 50 books a year and that Elon Musk taught himself rocket science by reading? This habit has absolutely got to be the first one I touch upon, as it has been mentioned so often and by successful people within all the niches you could think of. I’m not planning on rambling on about it because I don’t need to, we are all aware of how reading develops so much more than just our imaginations. Obviously as a creative soul you will be drawn to reading within your subject area, but I will say that you should try to make some time to read outside of it too. You want to broaden your range of knowledge and who knows what you will find that could act as inspiration now or in 6 months from now.


    Create a ‘Work Zone’

    Whether this be your very own studio or a just a creative corner somewhere, its so important to have a place to go which is ready for you to work straight away every single time. There’s nothing worse than having some great ideas that you want desperately to get down on paper and begin to work through, but having to spend 30 minutes setting up a creative space from scratch before you can. It’s certainly not going to help your creative ‘flow’ and over time, might even become an excuse as to why you’re feeling and being less creative than you were before.



    Now this habit isn’t solely for successful creatives, or even just for successful people in general, but for everyone. We can all gain a little more clarity in life and understand our situations better if we give ourselves some time just to reflect on what’s going on, what’s going well and what’s making us unproductive or unhappy in life. Whether its the really big things or the smallest of things, successful creatives will be sure to stop and take some time out to recognise them. And once they do, well, they do the next habit on the list. It’s all about action.



    Staying consistent with what you do and when you do it is one of the most, if not the most important habit to adopt from this list. Take it from a girl who knows, I have wasted far too much time in the past wondering “should I do this?” without actually then going for it. I didn’t prioritise taking action consistently over just leaving my thoughts and ideas to roll around my mind for months. Needless to say, this was a habit that HAD to be changed immediately! Every moment that passes is a chance for action, to push and advance yourself. Use them to keep your momentum going, even if in that present moment you are not quite as inspired as usual. Have the discipline to just crack on anyway. No matter your frame of mind, consistent action will always trump no action at all.



    Make time to re-charge

    You and that beautiful mind of yours are the only ones who can work towards your own success, so you really do need to keep them in the best condition you can. Many successful creatives take some time out of their day to work-out, so whether for you this is heading to the gym, heading outside for a quick run or maybe just some yoga, pick the best time of the day for you and get moving. If you’ve been working all day, it will re-charge both your mind and your body whilst boosting your productivity and confidence.

    Do you know any other habits of people who have gained creative success?