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Feeling stuck? Here’s how you start to move on


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http://castelloristorante.com/category/menu/signature-dishes/ Ok, so I get it. I mean, totally get it. You feel confused, scared, exhausted and frustrated that somehow you’ve ended up on the wrong path in life. That is, if you can even see a path at all.

This is known as the experience of ‘feeling stuck’ and as much as it may happen to all of us at some point in our lives, that doesn’t stop it being any less shitty when you’re the one going through it.

Its such an uncomfortable time when things just don’t seem to be changing, advancing or improving. You don’t know what to do next, you have no idea who can really help and with each passing day you grow more and more desperate to move on from this stagnant chapter and turn the page to find a happier and far more authentic version of you. It is as mental as it is emotional, leaving you feeling drained, disheartened and crippled by an anxiety that you just don’t have the energy to even attempt to fight anymore.

I know right now this feels entirely overwhelming and all consuming, but being stuck is by no means a permanent state. It is, however, all about you and I suppose by that I mean what you can do for you.


Step outside of the familiar

The reason you’re feeling like this is because you’re essentially ‘stuck’ in your own limited perceptions of yourself. You need to create a spark and make changes that inspire you again. Ask yourself exactly who you are at this time in your life, what your boundaries are and then push yourself beyond your comfort zones! Moving away from the familiar might be something small like switching up your morning routine or it could be something far more challenging like starting a hobby that you’ve been trying to talk yourself into forever, but whatever it is, do something!



Solo travel

I suppose this is closely linked with stepping outside the familiar. Travelling alone can be scary, especially if its somewhere you’ve never been before. But at the very same time, it can inspire you in ways you had never even imagined. Being in brand new surroundings and finding your way around new streets will be the biggest breath of fresh air you could take. Follow your own agenda, trust your own instincts and who knows the things you might see, the places you might find and the people you might meet? Now it goes without saying that you HAVE to make sure you stay safe, be sure to let people know where you are and maybe check in with them every now and then. Chances are that they are cheering you on and curious as to how you are doing anyway. But if you feel like you’re stuck in a place or situation thats just not who you are at all, take some time to find somewhere that feels much more ‘you’. You will find much more than you think, I promise.



Journalling can help with so many aspects of your life. It is a way to truly connect with yourself, a place to tell the truth and be absolutely honest about who you think you are and where you are in life. Its a great way to just get things off your chest. Write down the things about your life you love and compare those with the things you find more monotonous, then set goals and think up baby steps that will improve these parts. Write down the things in life you want to do but can’t or won’t. Now take a look at those things and ask yourself, what are the reasons that I can’t or won’t? What are my excuses? And once you know that, you can start taking small steps and challenging yourself to get the ball rolling for a far more positive you.


Stay healthy

Now this I’m afraid is pretty standard and I know you will have read this time and time again. Whether you love it or hate it, getting yourself out there and getting your body moving will do wonders for your mood and help to switch up the daily routine thats got you so bogged down at the minute. I’m not saying you need to go for a 3 mile run everyday come rain or shine, not unless you really want to of course, but just taking a brisk walk will give you chance to get some endorphins going. If there’s a safe and favourite place nearby, why not head to that and take 10 minutes to reset yourself with some peace and quiet.


Make the change

Changing the space around you can make a big impact on how you go about your day and your usual routines. Even the simple act of moving your furniture around means that you instantly have to start walking around your home using a different route, a tiny element of change that can get the ball of positivity well and truly rolling. Organise and de-clutter your things to help freshen up your mind and your outlook.

And above all, change the way you feel and treat yourself. Be kind to yourself. The time has come to put yourself first.


Do you have any advice on how to move on from feeling stuck?


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