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November Goals


http://markscherz.com/archives/1844 So it seems that the world and his wife are posting about their November goals today, but I guess it’s with really good reason. The best part about a new month is a mini fresh start, the chance to hit the reset button a tiny bit and take a minute to think about what has been, what is and what’s to come. October has been a strange month for me, and to be honest, I’m so ready to welcome in November with open arms.

click There have been big birthday milestones and I’ve stumbled across some bloody strange pubs (and yes, in some cases I do mean this quite literally), but there have also been some really dark days and times when I have questioned myself over and over. Now obviously I’m not saying that this is going to stop just because the date is the 1st, but I’ve taken some time and made my goals for November, to help motivate my arse through the ‘iffy’ bits.


No more comparisons

I could waffle on about this topic for quite a while, as it’s something that has affected me greatly for months. But the problem has really hit home hard within the last few weeks and had the greatest impact on me since my career started. Social media is amazing, and although we generally don’t want to admit it, we probably can’t really imagine our lives without it. But as much as it can be a blessing, it can also be such a burden and add an immense pressure to our lives that otherwise might not have existed.

Being a woman in business for herself, I am constantly comparing my own successes to those of others in the same field, and it has been exhausting me recently. I know I shouldn’t be doing it, and I know that these successes are only perceived, but the self-doubt and feelings of jealousy still win over my rational thoughts of ‘no, really, you’re actually doing ok‘. Feelings of inadequacy are not fun to carry around with you minute after minute, day after day so – step forward my first goal of November: to STOP WASTING MY TIME DOING THIS!

Rather than focusing on other people’s efforts and actions, I am going to catch myself in the act and use that time scrolling through social media to work on my own business’ wellbeing. The only person’s yesterday I should be working to surpass is my own.

Oh, I like that.

I should write that down somewhere.


Dig out those running shoes

Now saying that I have to ‘dig them out’ is probably a bit of an over-exaggeration. They haven’t really been put away, but they certainly haven’t had as many outings recently as I would’ve liked them to. A few months ago, I took up running after wanting to and putting it off for years. I pushed myself through the early days, got myself over the feeling of ‘everyone’s watching me and I look like a dick‘ and just found myself carrying on and loving it. I would run everyday and actually look forward to it, asking myself with every step why I had not done something I love so much sooner!

But recently I feel like life has got in the way a little bit, things have become busier and so taking myself out and away from my computer has had to be the thing about me to take a bit of a back seat. Team that with less hours of daylight at our disposal, and the prospect of me doing something just solely for me has had to give. So November will be a month that is far more organised, in every way possible, so that I can make sure I get out and into that crisp air again. I need to make myself aware of how I am spending my hours, and almost schedule actual blocks of time to take care of myself. I can feel a new diary coming on.


Introducing freebie printables

This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a little while now, but haven’t quite been sure on the best way of putting it into action. With a little bit of research and rather clever website programming (pats oneself on one’s back) I will very soon be offering free printable art via my online store and through my blog. I plan to have a new print ready to download at least every couple of weeks, so you can have as large or as small a collection as you may like. It really hit home through October just how many designs I have dreamt up, worked on and then just abandoned for no apparent reason after spending minutes wading through past files every time I needed a specific document. So November kicks off with freebies, and with Christmas round the corner too? I’m just far too good to you…

So here’s to November. Small or large, what are your goals for this month?




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